Elinor Morel is a French operatic pop singer. She is a soprano and performs operatic arias, popular songs, musical theatre, and hymns.


She was born into a spiritual family and was cradled to the sound of sacred music and Gregorian songs. This is where she got his attraction for the beautiful singing and melody, as an expression of the soul.

Later, it was through the practice of classical theatre that she was initiated into comedy, humor and the pleasure of declaim. 

Elinor begins his soloist career in Paris with the choirs and orchestra Oya Kephale in Requiem in D Flat by Schumann and Une Fantaisie du Docteur Ox by Offenbach. She continues with the Parisian troupe Opéra du Jour in Orphée aux Enfers by Offenbach and The Magic Flute by Mozart.

She is also an author and composer. She has performed in two of his créations in french songs style: "Amour Vache Bel Amour" and "Cocorico Show". 

In 2020 she participates in episode 9 of the television show The Voice in France, where she is noticed for her exceptional voice.

In 2021 she performs at the Music Hall in Dubaï in French songs. 

In 2022, she opens the FBC Gala Dinner singing the national anthem at Dubaï Opéra. 

Her passionate and sparkling temperament, her supple and melodious voice make her a great performer whatever the role and the music style.