Elinor Morel is a French lyric soprano. She was born into a spiritual family and was cradled to the sound of sacred music and Gregorian songs. This is where she got his attraction for the beautiful singing and melody, as an expression of the soul.

Later, it was through the practice of classical theatre that she was initiated into comedy, humor and the pleasure of declaim. 

Elinor begins his career in classical music as a soloist with the choirs and orchestra Oya Kephale in Paris then took part in several creations within the Parisian troupe Opéra du Jour. 

She is also an author and composer. She has performed in two of his creations: "Amour Vache Bel Amour" and "Cocorico Show". 

Her passionate and sparkling temperament, her supple and melodious voice make her a great performer whatever the role and the music style.